Why Is It Important For IFCJ To Have Good Ratings?

admin / March 30, 2019

IFCJ stands for International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. It is an independent organization made to help out the Jews and the Christians in Israel.

Good IFCJ ratings are very important to raise a good amount of funds for the charitable organization. There are different sites which offer independent and unbiased ratings for various charitable trusts. They provide information about the economic condition, liability, and clarity of the various charitable organizations which helps the independent donors to get a clear idea about the organizations.IFCJ ratings

How do IFCJ ratings affect donors?

A good IFCJ rating always encourages the present donors and is helpful in fetching more potential donors. IFCJ is a non-profitable organization which comes under 501(c) tax-exempt, that is, a donor contributing towards IFCJ shall get an exemption from tax for the amount he is paying.

There are various websites that review and assess the charitable organizations. These websites include Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, Better Business Bureau (BBB), etc. Good IFCJ reviews from these websites are always helpful.

IFCJ is very serious about the funds it receives.

IFCJ takes all the financial help it receives from its donors very seriously. IFCJ believes that it is very important to maintain a transparent relationship with all the IFCJ donors. The IFCJ donors must have a clear idea of how the financial aids they are providing is used to help the poor and needy Jews of Israel and all over the world.IFCJ ratings

This is where IFCJ stands in a better position. If the question is raised that is IFCJ a good charity then the answer is clearly a big yes.

IFCJ was established in the year 1983 by Yechiel Eckstein. It was established to help the extremely poor Jews in Israel to make a living of their own and also help the aged Jews and orphans worldwide to settle back in their own motherland in Israel.

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