Video Mosaicing: A Right Approach for Robotics in Cardiac Surgery

admin / March 26, 2019

Roberto Casula, a renowned consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and a robotic cardiac surgeon of St. Mary’s Hospital in London, UK is also a great researcher. He published many papers and studies pertaining to minimally invasive surgical procedures in the field of cardiac surgery. These procedures are minimal access / invasive surgery, laparoscopic procedures or keyhole surgery, cardiac surgery, aortic surgery, and robotic surgery in which Dr. Casula is highly specialized.roberto casula

Accessibility in robotic cardiac surgery

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) was evolved as an innovative technique nearly three decades ago, but significant advancement in this technique has been witnessed during the past decade. The growing use of minimally invasive cardiac surgery offers great benefits to a patient. Two major fears in a conventional surgery are incision and trauma. Incision results in massive blood loss and trauma of body damage, but minimally invasive procedure has reversed these fears. The term “minimally invasive” refers to less harm by avoiding the incision to a button-like hole but wide access. The cardiac surgeon is not required to peep into a patient’s heart because a visual is created on the monitor’s screen that can be expanded in size with more clarity. Dr. Roberta Casula combine his surgical with visual skills to operate patient’s heart successfully, having an assistance from a robotic arm.roberto casula

Approach of video mosaicing

The problem of accessibility is further resolved by video mosaicing, as mentioned by Dr. Roberta Casula in one of this research papers. Mosaicing is creation of 2D image with wider field-of-view. This is possible by refining overlapped images at various angles through alignment and proper bending. Dr. casual did lot of work on video mosaicing until he was satisfied with positive outcome. This invited attention of other researchers and great boost in the use of robotic systems in the field of cardiac surgery. Video mosaicing is a right approach and great achievement in the effective use of robotic systems.

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