Using Honey as a Natural Acne Treatment

StayMaps / November 25, 2018

Did you know that honey does not spoil? Seriously. If you were to take honey and you store it at room temperature, it does not spoil.

Now, if you took sugared water or any sugary liquid extracted from a fruit or any other carbohydrate-rich plant, you can bet that after a while, you’re going to either get a nasty sour-smelling mess or something even worse. The bottom line is that over time, bacteria get the better of any sweet compound and it breaks down into alcohol or its other by-products.

Not so with honey. This should not be a surprise because it turns out that honey has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.

If exposed to the open air, honey doesn’t break down into alcohol not like other plant-based sweet compounds.

It is no surprise then that when we apply honey to our skin as an acne treatment or as part of an accutane alternative treatment option, we to stand to benefit quite a bit.

First of all, honey can improve your skin’s sebum control mechanisms. This is a big deal because the reason you develop acne in the first place is because your body produces more oil than it needs. Your face looks very shiny. A lot of people would laugh at this and it could cause embarrassment, but it actually causes more problems than just the laughs that you get from other people.

When you have too much oil on your face, it’s only a matter of time until dirt gets in there and then your pores get clogged. When that happens, it’s only a matter of time until infections enter the picture. That’s when things get really nasty.

When you apply a honey mask or you use some sort of honey-based skin treatment option, this accutane alternative or all-natural acne treatment cleans up your skin. It not only physically clears out your pores, but it also helps stabilize sebum control so you’re not producing as much cbd oil as possible.

Most importantly, the honey goes a long way in clearing up the bacteria on your face. I know that sounds kind of crazy considering the fact that honey is sweet, but honey is one of those natural compounds that, while sweet, is actually an antibacterial.

So, do yourself a big favor. Do some more research on using honey as an all-natural acne treatment. You’d be surprised as to what you would find.