The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews: Is This A Good Fellowship

admin / March 29, 2019

Jews and Christian communities have spread across the globe in many countries. Most Jewish community is in Israel, former Soviet Union, United States, Asia and Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe. The Jewish community in Israel and the former Soviet Union is most underprivileged, though this reality is also in some other parts of the globe. IFCJ ratings Jewish history in the Soviet Union is indistinguishably associated with Russian Empire conquering and ruling the eastern half of the European continent, the interventionist policies of that time. For two centuries, Jews lived under Russian empire, the USSR, but they were divided in 15 different states. The changed era affected Jewish community of former Soviet Union (FSU).

IFCJ for support of Jews

IFCJ came to the rescue of underprivileged Jews of FSU. This fellowship was created for some specific objective to build broad support for Israel and other shared concerns through promotion of understanding and cooperation between the Jewish and Christian communities, both dissonant groups. The support for Israel Jewish community was not feasible without a dialogue of harmony between people of two different faiths. The IFCJ reviews depict that IFCJ’s support was created for Israel Jews and later extended to Jews in FSU and other countries.IFCJ ratings

What IFCJ did for Jews

The extended support of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews created good IFCJ ratings. The Jewish community got great relief from this support for their living. The establishment of IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline to help elderly Jews in FSU for food and medical care support further enhanced IFCJ rating. Today, this Fellowship is known among one of the leading international non-profit charities.

Is this fellowship really good?

Is IFCJ a good charity? It seems that understanding and cooperation between two non-united groups for over two millennials is far from reality, but the IFCJ’s achievements are reflector of the progress of this Fellowship. The People who have been helped by this Fellowship are better evidence of the activities of this fellowship.

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