The Big Contributors to the IFCJ Ratings

admin / May 8, 2019

The international fellowship was first founded by Yeichel Eckstein when he observed the poverty and hatred that prevailed over these communities. The Christians and Jews were the main targets of this fellowship. The fund was raised to cater also to the Jews who took shelter in Israel. Thus the activities gave IFCJ to increase their IFCJ ratings

How did this fellowship turn into such a big fund?

IFCJ ratingsThe journey of this fellowship started in the hand of the founder. The rabbi, Yeichel Eckstein who took the responsibility of this situation just to enhance the ties between these organizations. There was no good relationship between these communities until he took over the charge. He then initiated the fellowship program to help especially the Jews. This helped increase the IFCJ ratings

Who are the main donators?

The main donators are the wealthy Christians. They have contributed more than $1.5 billion for the welfare of Israelites. Especially the Jews who have taken refuge in Israel. It is one of the non-profit organization that is absolutely meant for this international fellowship program.

IFCJ ratingsAt the preliminary stage, Yeichel Eckstein started off with the ‘On wings of eagle’ project where he started collecting funds through television programs, meetings and seminars. All these activities helped him earn a good amount of money. These all contributions he started was during the time of great misery.

In those years around 1990s, people of Soviet Union took refuge in Israel. He thus took great concern in helping them. And this made him to give captainship to the fellowship program. He took helps from all sections of the society and this gave monetary benefits to the concern. All this made the IFCJ to increase IFCJ ratings.

So, this man and IFCJ are linked to greater level. His contribution as the Bridger between the societies is noteworthy.

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