Steps in the Successful Career of Blake Orlandi

admin / May 7, 2019

Blake Orlandi is a prominent name in the field of business, especially when you refer to subscription commerce business. If you are fervent reader of Book of the month Club’s book. You might be familiar with this name because Blake is one of the three top-level executives of the Club. He is Chief operating Office who oversees the entire operations and leads a team of 45 people.

Know more about Blake on LinkedIn

A curiosity sometimes arises to go into details of a prominent personality. Many readers might be interested to know about Blake Orlandi and to meet him in person. Though it may not be possible for everyone to meet him in person, yet a feasibility is there to know about him through online search. He can be contacted an interacted, through LinkedIn account. You can follow Blake on LinkedIn by making your search engine query in his name and adding New York area to your search in LinkedIn. He has 500+ connection and quite a large number of followers on LinkedIn; you can also follow him on LinkedIn.

How Blake rose to higher position

The basic education of Blake Orlandi was in the field of engineering because he did his B.S. in Industrial Engineering form University of Pittsburgh during 2001-2005, but he decided to join MBA later. He studied in Harvard Business School during 2010-2012 and finished his Master’s in Business Management. The degree of MBA from this prestigious business school gave his career a spurt by getting position of SVP, Head of Media in Bookspan, LLC in November 2012, and the same company elevated him to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) in October 2014.

Blake’s ultimate success

This was apex level of Blake’s career after which he accepted new offer in the Book of the Month Club on the same position with a view to accept challenges in this new organization that gave him utmost success and name in the industry.

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