Roberto Casula’s Professional Career and Duties He Performed

admin / May 8, 2019

Oil is one of the most essential product in this world. Every county requires a certain quantity of petroleum, oil and its products to sustain in this modern, fast-paced world. Hence, programs like mining engineering are always in demand. Roberto Casula started his career after completing his mining engineering from Cagliari University in 1988. He later became Chief Development Operations and Technology Officer. Have a look at his work!

roberto casulaBeginning of his Professional career

In 1988, after clearing the state engineering exam from Cagliari, he was hired as the reservoir engineer in Agip Spa which is now known as Eni Spa. His role led him to learn about wells’ acquisition of data and production examination. Also, he got a detailed insight into Hydrocarbon deposit’s dynamic behavior. This led him to develop his skills which helped him to get a promotion in after 1991. In the following year, he carried on his duty as a reservoir engineer along with new tasks after becoming petroleum and head development engineer.

Becoming Chief Development, Operations and Technology Officer

Roberto Casula became Chief Development Operations and Technology Officer in June of 2014 of Eni Spa where roberto casulaover 3000 people worked in Headquarters and globally 9000 individuals. After assuming this position, his primary responsibilities are associated with design as well as execute industrial projects in Eni’s each business segment.

He supervised global operations, production, and maintenance along with contracting administration, activities leading to upstream activities, new technology’s deployment, and more. Moreover, he visualizes this company’s strategy and supports its preparation which involves budget control, planning, technical services to subsidiaries, etc. Apart from all these, his responsibilities also include developing a knowledge management system of the organization, competences of this firm’s technical people, etc.

Roberto Casula, have gained experience throughout his professional career and is now on the epitome of success. Having technical as well as practical knowledge and experience leads to his massive success with Eni Spa.

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