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admin / May 7, 2019

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Under the leadership of Yael Eckstein, after her father’s huge contribution to the cause of humanity. The organization has achieved success, for offering the support and solutions to poor people and the orphan children, who are in immediate need of help. There are certain factors, contributing to the success of the organizationYael Eckstein

. Such as:-

–    Trained and experienced associates, who are efficient to handle all circumstances.

–    Quick action plans and practical approach of the followers.

–    Immediate relief and shelter provisions, for the war victim and poor people.

–    Yael Eckstein offers her sincere workstyle, for the effective implementation of the policies constructed at the time of the foundation of IFCJ.

Role Of IFCJ

Yael Eckstein has been working in a similar direction, as her father does. Since the role of the organization is really unbeatable, in comparison to other organizations. While performing her role, she always took care of the social causes that need instant attention of the organization. As she also holds a position of a well known respectable social worker, who stands in support of the group suffering from different sufferings.Yael Eckstein

The focus aimed is multi-dimensional, to help- support- encourage the various groups and individuals. Such as:-

–    Poor people, irrespective of the communities or backgrounds

–    Orphan and needy children, who are unable to get any support from elsewhere

–    Oppressed and financially deprived groups of the society

–    Families of the soldiers, who have been fighting in the battlefield

–    Survivors of war, who couldn’t find a better environment for long

–    Elderly people, deprived of the basic necessities of life like- food and shelter

–    Families living under the normal standards of life

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