Modern Surgery & Computer-Assisted Surgical Systems

admin / February 27, 2019

Since beginning of surgery in the ancient time, it has been a manual procedure in which surgeons use their hands and surgical tools to perform the entire procedure. A surgeon is also assisted by a team of other medical staff such as anesthetist, nurses, and doctors specialized in other medical areas. For instance, a surgeon performing gynecological surgery is required to be assisted by a cardiologist, if a patient has some heart-related problem. A surgeon alone can’t perform the entire procedure, unless assisted by his team members.

Complicacies of a surgical procedure

There are lot of complications in a surgical procedure and too many surgical tools are used. There are some specific tools for a surgery on a typical organ of the body. Some surgical procedures take long time to perform and a surgeon is sometimes required to stand near an operative table for hours, without a break, until surgery is finished. A patient has to be kept under anesthesia for all hours of surgical procedure. A patient has then to be kept under post-operative observation till he or she gains consciousness.Roberto Casula

How innovative techniques are helpful

For long years, surgeons and patients have continued to face complicacies of surgical procedures, until advanced innovative techniques were developed. Initially, newly developed surgical techniques were a major problem in performing surgeries because traditional surgeons were not trained to use innovative techniques. But now, there are expert surgeons like Roberto Casula for whom innovative techniques are like a child’s play.

Computer-Assisted Surgical Systems

Computer is the device which is responsible for replacement of most manual part of the surgery. In modern time, surgeons often use computer-assisted surgical systems such as robotically-assisted surgical (RAS) devices. These systems are used for pre-surgical planning and navigation during surgical procedure. A software technology is used to control and move surgical tools inside the patient’s body. This has become common in modern complex surgical procedures.

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