Meet The Man Who Recreated A Historic Process For The Book Lovers: John Lippmann!

admin / May 8, 2019

Book lovers were engrossed in their new books and exploring amazing writers whilst an almost 93 year old book club was almost dying until John Lippmann stepped in. Well, the book of the month club (BOMC) has been a reader’s paradise for quite a long time now.

Back in 2011 it was almost being shut down due to lack of readers showing interest in the club. In the era of technology and easy availability of e-books online a lot of readers were losing interest in the BOMC. So, 2015 saw emergence of the entirely online BOMC platform where readers can now easily avail monthly subscriptions and get hold of the most interesting and new books at one go.

The scene was quite drastic just a few years back when this amazing book of the month club which has fed millions of hungry readers for almost three generations was about to be closed forever. But, thanks to master mind John Lippmann who was appointed as the new CEO, the BOMC got re-invented and re launched and since then there has been no looking back.

In the year 2012 when Lippmann was hired to save the club he knew he had to do something very innovative and very quickly. Moreover, it was becoming quite difficult to compete with the online book stores which used computer algorithms to select and refer books to their members.

John twisted his magic wand and brilliant intellect and came up with the jury plan where a panel of judges are hired by Book of the month club for a temporary period. These judges are responsible for selecting and assorting five books each month, from which the club members get chance to, choose the one that they want the most. John Lippman always believes that humans are always better at recommending books than robots and computers.

When he decided to recreate history by shutting down the old BOMC and starting it from scratch very few people stood by his idea and once it was set up, the popularity of book of the month club kept spreading like wild fire. This club not only celebrates amazing new books every year but also guarantees a great read.

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