Know About the Outstanding Ability of Roberto Casula in Upholding Eni S.P.A

admin / March 26, 2019

Joined Agip SpA and began working as a Reservoir Engineer

Roberto Casula was born in the year 1962 at Cagliritanto. He graduated in Engineering in the arena of Mining from the University of Cagliari. Do you know that Roberto casula is a genius in the said field?  After he passed the State Exam he joined ‘Agip S.p.A’ as a ‘Reservoir Engineer’ to progress and reach his goal. He continues to work in that post up to year 1991.roberto casula eni

He focused on production test and acquisition of data concerning wells thereby building up splendid skills on these subjects. Besides this, in the learning of active behaviour of the deposits of hydrocarbon he showed great interest by giving life to his skills.

In the year 1992 he bonded with subsidiary ‘Agip Angola Ltd.’ He began working as a Chief Development Engineer at its headquarters (located at Lunda) in respective fields like reservoir and petroleum.

Became the Production and Development Coordinator

In 1997 he returned to Italy and achieved the position of Development as well as Production Co coordinator at Eni S.p.A. Thus becoming Roberto casula eni provide him with the benefit of dealing with operational activities regarding business purposes. These activities were related to countries of West Africa and Central Asia. In the year 2000 he played a significant role of Technical Service Manager on a project held in Iran.

 His success in that project led him to accomplish the position of the project director of four to five phased ‘Giant South Pars Gas ’scheme in 2001. Perhaps this grand achievement led him to relocate in Iran (at Tehran). His progressive career in the arena of Eni received a score in 2004.roberto casula eni

 This was due to his appointment as the supervising or managing director of ‘Eni Mediterranea Idocarburi S.p.A.’ This S.p.A was a subsidiary of the original group (based in Gela) which specializes in activities in regions concerned with exploration as well as production. Thus he continue to progress at higher level in his career.

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