IFCJ, a Name Never To Forget In the Pages of History

admin / March 29, 2019

The IFCJ ratings have always resembled true figures as to what the vision of the Rabbi Eckstein has been. The organization has designed programs to fight poverty in the state of Israel and has helped many. It has always been a support to all.

The support behind the IFCJ

ifcj rating

For decades he has lend support for a cause, for the people and of the people.

He was born in Massachusetts. He studied in New York and studied the Orthodox Rabbinic studies and it inspired him to an extent of working towards a national cause. For his work he even travelled worldwide to gather mass base.

Uzbekistan and China were the places he travelled most. He even wrote columns and was featured in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times quite a number of times. He was even one of the leading international Bible teachers helping the Christians to deepen the bonds with Israel and the Jews. Rabbi Eckstein was a person with strong determination and he was the backbone of the whole concept of the formation of the IFCJ.After his death in Jerusalem very recently, at an age of 67, the IFCJ reviews went for a toss.

What became the burning question?

Is IFCJ a good charity became the most obvious discussed question. There were many people questioning the validation. No one came forward for help. However the main aim of the IFCJ, to bridge the gap between the Christians and the Jews never went backseat.

ifcj rating

They kept on serving the nation even when they got criticism. It was they who wanted to see a change in the following nations. They wanted peace and prosperity of everyone helped almost everyone and in this course the IFCJ rating crossed all borders. They could understand the difference in the faith of the people.

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