How did the Christians help in the development of IFCJ?

admin / May 7, 2019

As a religion that has started since Jesus Christ, they have always promoted all the causes of Jesus as divine. Though Jesus Christ was a Jew himself but did not follow Jewish rituals. Jesus was born to mother Mary who is also considered to be a divine lady since she gave birth to baby Jesus. IFCJ reviewsThe IFCJ reviews angels as a messenger from God asked her to be the mother of his most loving son, also a preacher. Mother Mary is said to have been a virgin even when she was pregnant with Jesus, concluding her to be the most divine lady. That gave rise to one of the occasions which are also termed as Christmas. As Jesus accomplished bigger tasks those days were made into occasions. Even when he died to protect the living from God’s wrath and all evil beings he came back to his followers. This event was named as Easter day.

As a religion, it has been started when Abraham preached God to save him and others from slavery in Egypt. IFCJ reviewsOne of the reasons why Jewish do not believe Jesus to be divine is because he did not complete all the prophecies. If he was the promised one he was supposed to free humankind of all evil doings and preaches Judaism. Thus, Jewish do not participate or celebrate any of the events like Christmas, Easter, etc. Instead, they have their own events. Thus due to these differences, there has been constant conflict between Jews and Christians. In these conflicts, the Jewish community suffered the most. Israel being the heart of all Jews has less number of Jewish per square meter hence the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was developed. Due to this fall in population in the Jewish community, an organization was created to support and promote understanding and cooperation.

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