Facilitating Use of Supplements by Understanding Their Classification

admin / March 14, 2019

Does gender-specific multivitamins make a sense? You might have heard a lot about this concept, but may not be familiar with the sense behind this concept. This is not absolutely true because almost all vitamins are essential for males and females, though their daily intake requirement may be different. The requirements of specific vitamins supplements Canadaalso differ from one individual to another individual, based on body’s need and type of diet taken by an individual. However, there are few vitamins and minerals that are needed more either in men or women.

Separate nutrients for men and women

You can know more on this issue on the website of National Nutrition. Let’s extend this discussion by illustrating nutrients that are required more in men or more in women. Let’s take a common example of muscle-building protein. Men’s body is more muscular compared to that of women. Osteoporosis, a bone disorder caused by the deficiency of calcium, is more prevalent in women compared to men. It is thus apparent that women need more calcium, especially in post-partum condition. Women also lose more blood in menstruation and moreover, have low hemoglobin compared to men. Thus, they need more iron to cover this deficit. There are many examples like the above.

Condition-specific supplements

Let’s discuss another example of GlucoSmart which is a blood-sugar control supplement. This supplement is supplements Canadaconsidered good to stabilize sugar, reduce craving, and to encourage weight loss. You can find about this supplement in supplements Canada. Does this supplement be included in the category of gender-specific supplements? This supplement is rather condition-specific which has focus on the condition, regardless of gender.

Facilitating use of supplements

So, gender-specific supplements is a truth, but not all supplements are gender-specific. Some supplements may be condition-specific or rather common for every individual. There is no confusion, but understanding this classification helps in facilitating use of supplements for their better effectiveness and more benefits.

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