Expansion of the Christian propaganda using the fundraising methoidologies

admin / April 1, 2019

The chief of IsraelAvrahamShapira, Ashkenazi rabbi in the year 2001 wrote a letter in which he condemned that Eckstein used the money that was generated using the fundraising methods to give the Christian propaganda an expansion. This letter was later signed by Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv who was a haredi Talmud scholar with higher influences to the society.IFCJ ratings

This resulted in the forbidding of the cooperation terming the whole process as of IFCJidolatry.Eckstein slammed Mergui by stating that Mergui was ashamed to take pictures with him and called him the wrong human to have conducted the interview with this increased the IFCJ reviews and the IFCJ ratings.

According to the statements of Eckstein in his biography, he was always discouraged by his father who could never believe and trust him throughout his life which discouraged him to a great extent. This made him loose a lot of friends and allies pertaining to the mainstream of the Jews over his insistence for recognition in spite of his dishonours to his donors and friends.This is considered to be one of the primary reasons why the fundraised amount of 13 million dollars of the annual donation was cut down to the Israeliā€™s Jewish Agency and then initiated his own operation which he termed as aliyah. The operation offered each immigrant with a grant amount of 1000 dollars as apart of their benefit given out by the Jewish Agency which is certified to handle aliyah by Israel.IFCJ ratings

Eckstein was accused for his fellowship by the Jewish Agency on grounds that Is IFCJ a good charitywas anon-profit operation with several offices in Jerusalem and Chicago. He was charged of serving an act in themost irresponsible mannerwhich created inequality among the immigrants through which he generated the PR and IFCJ rating.

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