Contemporary Oil & Gas Industry Rely on Titanium for Pipelines

admin / June 26, 2019

Titanium is a common name that almost everyone knows, and scientific community represents titanium by the symbol ‘Ti’. This is a naturally occurring element in the earth’s crust that has created great usefulness since the time of its discovery in 1791, though wonderful benefits of titanium were explored in 1950s for the first time when aerospace industry got advantages of titanium applications. Ti tubeThe scenario has greatly changed after 1950s because many more applications of titanium in various industries have been explored. Today, there is an unexhaustive list of industries that make use of titanium in one or another form.

Titanium’s popularity for making tube

The commonest among titanium uses are tubing and piping. Ti tube has most common use in multiple applications in direct or indirect form. Tube is one of the common titanium mill products that has use in a great deal of applications. This is, in fact, an essential component in a chemical and industrial processing or power generation or any other industry. Titanium’s use has highly popularized since 1950s, whether in making tubes or equipment-making. Two factors – its corrosion resistance and higher strength-to-weight ratio create suitability of using titanium for tubing applications.Ti tube

Titanium tube’s efficiency in oil and gas pipelines

The effectiveness of titanium for tubing has been studied in-depth and it was found that this metal has the ability to sustain in deeper levels have higher temperatures and pressures. Thus, Ti tube becomes the perfect option in this situation because titanium alone can respond positively in harsh environment where most other metals fail, though they may be much cheaper compared to titanium. Take an instance of oil and gas industry where the environment is challenging because exploration is done at deeper levels, but titanium is efficient to perform in every tough situation regardless of extremely high temperature and pressure. The contemporary oil and gas industry thus, rely on this metal for manufacturing pipelines.

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