Can IFCJ Ratings Help The Organization In Avoiding Such Negative Publicity In Near Future?

admin / February 27, 2019

The International Fellowship for Christian and Jews or IFCJ was a fellowship program started by Rabbi Yechiel Epstein to help his fellow brother from the Jewish community. After the end of the Second World War, the condition was, even more, worse than everyone anticipated and some drastic actions were needed to help them out.

The start of IFCJ:

IFCJ reviews

The famed Rabbi, Jewish by birth wanted to help them out both financially and emotionally and started the program when he realized ADL was not going to support his vision.

The authority swiftly hired two of the best assessing firms to review their organisation and provide a proper report. The IFCJ ratings provided by both BBB and Charity Navigator were encouraging and eliminated the possibility of any scam.


The IFCJ ratings as stated by BBB and Charity Navigator:

The IFCJ rating provided by Charity Navigator is towards the higher side of scale which can be considered as a piece of positive news since these firms have a very benchmark when it comes to reviewing philanthropic organisations. The news of money laundering was damaging for the image of such a famed program as people started having doubts and interrogated the authority with questions like “Is IFCJ a good charity?” and many more.

But the recently concluded assessment and IFCJ reviews cemented the goodwill of the fellowship in people’s mind and eliminated the further possibility of any such concocted news doing rounds indifferent outlets. The board at the famed organisation is well educated and efficient in running all day to day functions properly, and the budget approval at the firm regarded as one of the best in the market. The charity firms also meet all standards of governance laid down by the law including having 11 members at the board of directors.


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