“Book of the Month” is a Wonderful Initiative

admin / May 6, 2019

In the subscription commerce industry, there are many strange products that have hit the market like pet related items, foreign snacks, etc. Out of them, one that really captures people’s imagination seems to be – books. Although reading is such an old habit yet not much was done for it in recent times. “Book of the Month” has helped in capturing that feeling so that reading has been repackaged once more by the company in a completely new avatar. The COO of the firm, Blake Orlandi is one person who has completely repackaged the whole concept so that this subscription commerce company has started out to be quite favorite among large swathes of people. Some of the concepts and policies of the firm are quite refreshing, a few of which have been shared here.

  • Selecting the five best books – The unique selling point of “Book of the Month” lies in the fact that it helps customers to select the five best books for a month and get them home delivered so that they can be read in one’s home ambiance! The COO of the firm, Blake Orlandi has made it sure that readers get to enjoy their favorite niche so that more people can be roped in. This subscription commerce firm is slight with a difference so that there is no pressure on a reader to complete a book within time. Therefore, a reader can take his own time and complete reading a book in free time only.

  • There is a lot to select from – It can surely be said that for a start-up, Blake Orlandi has done everything needed to get a head start in the sector. The company has a lot to choose from which explains the diverse range of readers from all across the spectrum. That also reflects the strength of the organization along with its variety. It can, no doubt, lead to an even better result in the future as more readers can be expected to join in.

“Book of the Month” is already creating some right noises in the sector so that in the coming times, more such initiatives can be expected.

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