Balance Between Creating Newer Energy and Conserving Energy Resources  

admin / February 21, 2019

There has to be an engagement which is monitored and also circulated globally which will, in turn, ensure that the resources found out are sustainable and also fit to use and survive. However, it is much easier.

Balance is supposedly the only key to success however there remains a paradox as obtained by Roberto casula. There is a fine line of explanation for the same as he suggests that in the upcoming years and even decades the population of the world will increase to at least 30% more than what is consumed at the present. Hence it can be shown how the consumption of energy has gone through a shift. Roberto CasulaPreviously the consumption of energy was solely determined with the help of non-OECD countries which in the present consists of about 60% of the total energy demand on a global basis. In the early ’70s until the ’90s as less as 18% of the population had consumed nearly 55% of the energy of the entire world. The rapid and steep growth of population has changed the numbers drastically. Hence we need to produce more energy for the basic survival of the population.

One word that is important to Roberto casula eni

Gratitude is something is what is extremely necessary according to him. This word is at times literally neglected and even at times not appreciated enough. However, this seems to be one of the fundamental values especially when you are heading an organization and taking care and managing a lot of people on a daily basis. Hence it is necessary to spell out a “Thank You” whenever needed to a person who has done some work. This enhances the positive reinforcement of the interpersonal relationship along with an appreciation of the work which is genuinely achieved.

We are expecting to spread more feelings of gratitude to people.

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