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The Easy Way to Make Hotel Reservations Online

There are so many places such as hotels, apartments, villas, cabins, cottages, holiday homes, glamping sites, and more to find accommodation on your favorite destination. When you are on a trip away from your home, these places allow you live safely and comfortably during the entire period of trip. You book accommodation based on the period of stay during trip which may be few days, weeks, or sometimes months. You don’t have access to every accommodation that is offered to tourists or business visitors on the destination.

Why people prefer hotel stay

Reservations.comThough options of accommodation are not limited, yet most people still prefer to live in hotels. There is no specific reason why most people choose hotel for trip accommodation. Maybe, the reason seen most relevant is the rating allotted to hotels such as 3-star, 4-star, 5-star, and 7-star. It is a matter of prestige for anyone to stay in a hotel of high star rating, though hotels have restrictions of check-in and check-out time.

Hotel reservation is a problem

There are many benefits to stay in a hotel, but the only problem is booking of a good hotel. The hotel industry has greatly developed and many new hotels have been constructed, but rising demand of hotels day by day keeps their rooms usually occupied. Most renowned hotels across the globe on popular destinations, having high rating, usually remain occupied throughout the year

Simple resolution to the problem

There is a simple resolution to this problem. You can choose for online hotel reservation to book any hotel of your choice. You can select from over 500,000 hotels around the world. You can enter your destination. Check-in and check-out date, select number of rooms, and list your preferences to make reservation. You can also seek help for group bookings and car rentals. This is the easy way to make hotel reservation online or by making a telephone call to the number provided on the site.

admin / May 9, 2019

Learn about John Lippman’s endeavours to get more people into reading again!

 While many people can argue that reading is getting lost as a hobby, there are few people like John Lippman who are trying their best to get more people into reading books.

Among his ventures, restructuring the Book of the Month Club or BOMC and putting it on the digital platform to make it more accessible, has been quite a reward for book lovers.

Lipmann with a background in business and finance acquired BOMC from its parent company Bookspan in the year 2012. Ever since then he has worked towards making BOMC accessible, modern and adaptable for everyone.

What does the new BOMC entail?

John Lipmann took the idea of BOMC founded in 1926 and presented a streamlined version of it in 2015. Following is a brief description of how the new BOMC was formed and what it entails:

  • At first all the previous members of BOMC who received its monthly catalogue were moved to the Literary Guild Club of Bookspan.
  • Next, Lippman moved the entire club online and sought out potential customers via digital media by offering them membership perks and other incentives.
  • In the new rules set by the club, members have until the 7th of each month to choose the book they want to receive from the top five books chosen for that month.
  • There are judges like Leigh Haber from Oprah magazine, Kim Hubbard from People etc. who choose books of the month from a list provided by in-house editors for BOMC.
  • The membership fee for BOMC is $14.99 each month for which people become eligible to receive one book from the five selected books each month.

How it plans to target a specific demographic?

By revamping the BOMC, John Lippman also wants to target a specific demographic of people to get into reading. The books are selected in a way that middle class people especially millenial women can add them to their reading materials.

Thus by introducing BOMC on a digital platform, Lipmann has not only made books accessible but also opened up reading for a whole generation of women!