admin / March 6, 2019

Significance of Kroger Feedback Survey

Kroger is not an unheard name in United States because enormous success of this leading chain of superstores in itself is the evidence of its fame. Kroger operates not only in this name but there are over two dozen of subsidiaries of this successful and progressive company. If you see online statistics, the picture will be crystal clear. At present, Kroger and its subsidiaries have nearly 2,800 stores covering half of the United States. The progress of Kroger is unabated because this company has won hearts of its customers by a policy of customer satisfaction. The company has countless satisfied customers who are loyal to this business and also make reference to their family and friends about their shopping experience at Kroger.

How Kroger creates loyal customers

It is evident from discussion in the above para how Kroger earned name and fame in retail business in United States. It wouldn’t be appropriate to say that any business may have 100% satisfied customers because dissatisfaction is human nature. The important is how a business deals with its customer’s frustration in shopping on its store. Kroger is quite focused on its customers’ needs and shopping experience on its stores. Kroger’s loyal customers have been created due to not only good shopping experience but also lot of loyalty benefits offered by the company.

Significance of Kroger feedback survey

KrogerFeedback® Survey has great relevance in Kroger’s success business operations for long years of its existence. KrogerFeedback seeks comments of its customers about products and various aspects of shopping on Kroger stores. The customers participate in this survey to express their views on various aspects. Kroger rewards them for participation, regardless of positive or negative comments. The rewards are impressive that lure customers for their participation. Kroger enjoys from customers’ views. It gets fame from positive comments and learn from negative comments to make improvement of customer service.