admin / March 5, 2019

Efforts of Frocentric to Create prominence in Blacks in Atlanta US

The slaves brought from West Africa by wealthy rice growers couple of centuries back kept them as slaves for long and treated them in an indifferent manner. They continued to treat them discriminately against American population. This spread a wave of hatred against black population because American could see the picture of blacks shown to them. A mass protest movement, called the Civil Right Movement was launched under leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. This was a massive movement that brought awakening among then blacks in the United States. The trend couldn’t change immediately because this movement continued for decades from the kick off date.

Fight for equality

Mid-1950s was a period when the issue came to national prominence. Martin Luther King, the hero of this movement intensified his action during this period but unfortunately, he was assassinated in 1968. This was a fight for equality which was a constitutional right. The trend of inequality continued for long years, but a major twist came in modern time. Racial discrimination is still a serious issue in United States, but hatred is not on the same extreme as in the past. Thanks to social media interactive platforms that helped in uniting people from black community and to bring sense of professionalism and superiority in them.


Bringing black community closer is a prominent example of social media interactive platform that played a great role to bring awakening in African-American people in the United states. This platform brings people from black community closer through black networking events that may be professional or non-professional. The events may be recreational or sometimes meant for black male or female population specifically.



The results

If you become a part of frocentric, you have the chance to participate in the black events, to create events, and buy tickets for these events. Atlanta city is referred to as city of black wealth and frocentric is working to explore benefits of this black wealth.