admin / March 1, 2019

Charitable activities and the contribution of the Jewish community!!!

According to the world of business, there are two major responsibilities; Social responsibility and the economic responsibility. Business mostly focuses on the economic part more but not all are same, few of them also thinks for the social responsibilities and never turn their back when the thing is about making up to the social responsibilities they hold. They have the responsibilities towards the society; they know it and they never get away with it.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is not just a name; he is an inspiration to all the people out there who are interested in the welfare of the society. He took into consideration an organization, known as IFCJ which includes all the things that the Jewish people follow for the welfare of the society and

Rabbi EcksteinAll about the social responsibilities

Economic responsibility is something that a business will have to as it keeps their business running, economic responsibility is mandatory but social responsibilities should be fulfilled. The nonprofit organizations amongst the world take care and are responsible for social responsibilities. These organizations focus on the real needs of society and plan their things in accordance with that. yechiel Eckstein had been a name that inspires the people for donations and other stuff.

Rabbi EcksteinWhat charity exactly is?

Whatever we earn in our lives, we earn it in accordance with the taxes, expenses, etc. spending the money on family and friends are not a part of social responsibility. Social responsibility is when you take a part out of your income and spends it on people who are poor and in the need of help. Rabbi Eckstein has been the biggest inspiration of the Jewish people for charity.


It is very important to participate in the social responsibilities along with economic responsibilities. You can see the IFCJ reviews which are related to an amazing organization that is based on the charity rituals that the Jewish people follow.